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For Such a Time as This

Some days are better than others. The other day I drove all over town with my debit card on my bumper. Thankfully it stayed there.

Sometimes it feels like your fingers are made of butter and in everything you do you've taken two steps backward. And sometimes you feel like your life's purpose to keep dirt out of the house, or scrubbing pots is your calling, you feel like a taxi driver, or your just trying to keep the people around you alive. Your surviving. It's the little things in life that wear on us. Bringing us to tears, at the end of our ropes, wondering how we can change the current season. The season you are in, is right where God wants you to be. My wake up call came in the form of spilled yogurt. I spent all day trying to figure out why I felt so off. "Why was I so tired? Do I need to work out more? Am I getting enough sleep? Why am I not more excited about life? Did I make a wrong turn?" Everything bothered me. Nothing seemed to be going right. I started to just think this season sucks and I can't wait to just get to the next one. Then I dropped my granola and yogurt, on the carpet no less. I stared at it thinking, "this is a test," God placed me here in this moment to choose joy, faith, love, patience, and hope. Our circumstances don't define our purpose or identity. Jesus does. In Romans 12:12 it says,"...patient in tribulation...", we are not entitled to change our season. Whether good or bad we are right where God wants us. There are some really crazy things happening in our world, things that a lot of us thought we'd never see in our lifetime. But here we are. Maybe you're the person that has a large sphere of influence, or are community oriented, going to school, are working, a stay at home Mom, or involved at your church. Maybe the next Billy Graham is sitting at your kitchen table. Don't grow weary. We are all called to be faithful to fulfill the ministry in which we are called. To glorify Jesus. The mystery of the believer to the rest of the world is, "Christ in you, the HOPE of glory." Sowing hope is done in our everyday choices, to surrender to the will of God in our current season, not just the next one. Right where God has placed you, what does it look like to sow hope?

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